Building planning

Movable and Permanent buildings

Buildings are classified as mobile buildings and permanent buildings. Mobile buildings Mobile buildings are used by people moving from one place to another such as military camps, vacation homes, residential caravan, movable shops (at vacation centres) and more. These buildings are made of prefabricated materials and hence can be shifted from place to place easily. Permanent building A permanent building is meant to stay standing. It is not easily picked up and carried away like a tent or moved like a caravan.Permanent houses can be further classified based on the …

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Town planning

Why is Building Typology an important concept In Building Construction?

Why do we need to classify buildings? How does it help us? Can’t we plan or construct the buildings without classifying them as a specific type? In this article, you will find the three main applications of building typology. You will understand its importance and why we use it in building construction industry? Building typology helps in planning or designing of buildings Building planning or designing is a procedure where we divide an area of the site into different rooms such that:  There is enough space for all the activities  …

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Building typology and How Buildings are classified

Every building has a foundation, walls, roof, flooring and many other common elements. But, this doesn’t mean that all buildings are the same. They can be classified or grouped into different types based on different factors such as the size, the height, the life and more.  Buildings are mainly differentiated based on the activities that take place in it or for the purpose, it has been occupied. This type of classification is known as “Classification of buildings based on the type of occupancy”. It is the most basic type of …

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Low human comfort in a building

Human comfort in lockdown

More and more countries are imposing various forms of lockdown due to COVID- 19 Pandemic. But, there is even another problem which most of us are facing at this time. It is the problem of low human comfort.  What is Human comfort? Human comfort is the condition of the mind which expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment. Proper designing of Ventilation and lighting systems, using cleanliness friendly materials and provision of a good landscape will improve the comfort conditions of a building. How poor building design has led to low …

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