Human comfort

What are the side effects of low ventilation?

Can you imagine yourself being packed in an airtight box?  It feels dangerous and quite uncomfortable, isn’t it? But, have you ever thought that compromising ventilation of a building for better aesthetics or for interior design is also dangerous? Continue reading to find out how low ventilation can cause serious health problems and affect the structural strength of the building. Health problems Man inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Poor ventilation leads to an increase in carbon dioxide within a building which results in shortness of breath, fatigue, and severe …

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Low human comfort in a building

Human comfort in lockdown

More and more countries are imposing various forms of lockdown due to COVID- 19 Pandemic. But, there is even another problem which most of us are facing at this time. It is the problem of low human comfort.  What is Human comfort? Human comfort is the condition of the mind which expresses satisfaction with the surrounding environment. Proper designing of Ventilation and lighting systems, using cleanliness friendly materials and provision of a good landscape will improve the comfort conditions of a building. How poor building design has led to low …

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