Just imagine you have met your old friend and he asked you what you are doing then you would reply that you are an engineer or an architect or any other person working in a construction company.  Right after that, you may be asked why are engineers or architects necessary while local contractors or builders can construct buildings. This question points towards even more essential question i.e; why should they need to spend their money on engineers or architects for construction. They assume everyone is capable of constructing a building. 

So, what would you reply? How will you convince them that your job is so essential that no one should neglect or compromise?

Defining the importance of an engineer or an architect should be very easy, but most of us cannot put this in fewer words and as a result, we end up on a heated debate which ultimately results in your friend building more hatred against engineers or architects. 

Why are Engineers and Architects important

Maybe it was the 14th century when a separate profession called architects has emerged. Before that, the artisans used to create a design of a building and the skilled workers took the overall responsibility to make that design into reality. But, the new professional architects used to take care of both designing and construction. He was actually a leader of the complete project. So, these new leaders i.e; architects were most of the time interested in coming with amazing structures. This has also further led to the development in the field of research and management and the invention of so many new tools. Later, the engineers have emerged in the industrialization age i.e; around the 1700’s or 1800s and took the construction of Buildings to new heights. Their major role was in the field of maths which differentiated them from local contractors and skilled workers and they made a huge development in the field of structural engineering which made it possible for architects to design skyscrapers. 

It was the efforts of engineers and architects which made it possible for the development of planned cities and structures. We can write pages to explain the importance of engineers and architects but, we need to describe it in fewer words for people who are not interested to hear from us. 

Explaining the importance of Architects and Engineers in simplest and shortest form

Architects are the professionals or seasoned artists who planned the building to offer maximum utility and comfort with a beautiful appearance. 

An Engineer is someone who is responsible for designing the structure and building services like plumbing, electricity etc. He literally transforms the idea of an architect into a structure on the ground safely with all the services and features. 

Engineers from three backgrounds work in a construction industry i.e; civil, mechanical and electrical engineers. 

A quick note before ending:

  1. Of all the department’s civil engineers play a major role in the construction of a building. Its services are further divided into different branches like structural engineering, construction management, soil mechanics, foundation engineering and more. 
  2. I also want to point out that although architects are the one who has more knowledge about planning, civil engineers are also capable to create a plan and it is one of the very important subjects that you are going to deal in case of small projects where you are responsible for all the construction-related works. 

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