As a Civil engineer, you are eligible for many roles in a construction project. The wide range of subjects covered in civil engineering is the main reason behind it.

I have written this post to make it easy for you to know the civil engineering subjects useful for Building construction. Brief information about the role of each subject in the process of building construction is also provided. 

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Building planning and drawing

The process of construction starts with a plan. A plan may seem to be a simple 2D drawing. But, it demands proper knowledge about assembling and grouping of rooms while considering various factors like ventilation, lighting, privacy etc.

Building materials

In the process of construction, one should make a wise choice regarding the materials you want to use because it directly affects the factors like strength, economy, aesthetics etc. of a building. Hence, a good knowledge of building materials is needed.

Elements of a building

The building is classified into two parts as substructure and superstructure. The substructure consists of the footing, base course, plinth, flooring etc.  whereas the superstructure consists of masonry walls, stairs, doors, windows, roof etc. Any professional in the construction industry should have good knowledge about these building elements. You should be able to choose the right type of building element suitable for a project and provide better guidance for its construction.

Structural Design

Structural design is to analyze and provide the reinforcement details of a structure. It plays a major role to provide strength for a building and control the cost of a project.


Estimation is to be done to forecast the cost of a project. It also helps to identify and eliminate the unnecessary expenditure to gain maximum economy.

Construction Management

The construction site is like a machine which needs all of its parts to work together in a proper sequence. If any one part stops working then, it will affect the complete machine. In a similar manner, if any part of the construction stops functioning properly, it may lead to unnecessary delays and it affects the complete construction process. Therefore, you should know construction management techniques to manage the project effectively.

Other subjects useful for a modern work environment

If you are planning to work for any large company then, I would suggest you to have proper knowledge about the following:

MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)

MEP means mechanical, electrical and plumbing. It is designing of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services for a building. Specialized engineering firms are often hired for this job.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process. It gives professionals the insight and tools to efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings. Proffesionals from different departments are able to work together on the same model. Hence, it prevents conflicts between their designs. Many 3D modelling softwares are now offering BIM functionality due to its advantages. 

Other programs related to Building construction

Below is the list of other programs that you can pursue to work in Building construction industry. 

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Concrete Technology
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Landscape architecture
  • Interior designing
  • and more

It may seem to be very tempting for you to take responsibility and deal with all the subjects but, it is better to choose one specific subject and gain specialization in it.

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