-Click on the component drop down from that select model in-place


-From family categories and parameters choose different parameters.

-You can choose different parameters based on your model, for example, you can choose Furniture or Furniture system for woodworks.


-Rename family categories that you have selected, so that you can identify easily.


-Select the Extrusion Form to create a 3D solid by extruding a 2D shape. You can select more Forms as per your requirements.

-Void form is used to create the voids to the solid extrusions.


-set work plane so that you can sketch anything on the specified plane, In easy words, if you set a work plane then you can draw or sketch anything on that specified plane(surface).


-Pick a work plane and click OK.


-I have chosen a wall surface as a work plane. Click on the wall to create a work plane.


-Select shapes from the draw panel to create a 2D shape. I have selected a Line to create a shape.


-Create a shape according to your requirements.


-Click on Finish Edit Mode after completion of sketching.


3D Extrusion looks as shown in fig.


-If you want to change or modify, select extrusion and click on Edit in-place as shown.


-Again click on Edit Extrusion to modify Sketch.


-You can see here we have reduced the length of the extrusion

Add Material to the Extrusion


-To add the Material to the Extrusion, select an Extrusion that you created and click on By category in the properties panel as shown in fig.


-choose materials from the Asset Browser and select according to your requirements.


-Added material looks as shown in fig. If you can see then change the visible style.

Create more Forms


-If you want to create more forms such as Extrusion. blend, void, etc., select an extrusion and click on Edit In-place after that click on ‘Create'(as shown) to create other forms.


-You can see here we have created another extrusion on the other side. As well as you can set the depth of Extrusion as shown.

-Similarly, you can create more extrusions(in any shape) on the extrusion that you have created before.

-We have created a Void form to this Solid Extrusion. similarly, you can set the depth of the void as we have done before.

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